Introduction to On-Line Training in PBBT (self-paced, starts immediately)

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Date(s) - 01-06-2021|30-12-2021
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Introduction to On-Line Training in PBBT


PBBT is a recently developed form of behavior therapy that can be used with the full range of psychological problems, even the most complex and individualistic. The therapy is entirely based on cutting-edge developments in Relational Frame Theory (RFT). Perspectives Ireland are the only trainers worldwide of PBBT, ensuring a high level of quality and competence in its training and delivery.

Course Trainer: Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes

What will Participants Learn?

  • The basic concepts of PBBT and how these are strongly tied to cutting-edge developments in RFT.
    • How to understand complex clinical behavior in a way that provides direction for behavioral change.
    • To accurately and precisely define psychological processes and identify these operating in individual clients or groups.
    • To track which behaviors reflect specific psychological processes so as to better understand problematic and obstructive behavior.
    • To show greater precision in modifying behavior in a healthy, workable direction and to facilitate resilience in future behavior.
    • How to apply PBBT to a case, based on examples.

How the Course will Benefit your Clinical Practice?

  • The training will enhance your understanding of a client’s situation and behavior by adding precision and sophistication to your analysis.
    • The training will sharpen your case formulation skills and allow these to closely direct your clinical interventions.
    • The course offers clear directions on how to deal with complex clients and navigate areas in which clinicians often find themselves stuck.
    • This will allow multi-disciplinary teams to share a common focus on understanding and changing client behavior while maintaining a high level of clinical precision.

Who the course is for? The course is best suited to psychologists, therapists, coaches, and other mental health service providers.

Special Introductory Offer: €449 (inludes access to a full case analysis plus free course notes).

Format of the Course: Self-paced online course with 6 months access.
Link to course here.