ACT introduction: an experiential workshop (2 dagen) in Heerlen i.k.v. opleiding Peer Reviewed Trainer van Roy Thewissen

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Date(s) - 03-05-2019|04-05-2019
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Day 1

10.00-10.30         Start up

10.30-12.30         Behavior: how to understand it; Problem with language

12.30-13.30         Break

13.30-14.30         Avoidance; Creative hopelessness

14.30-15.00         What is ACT/ACT hexaflex

15.00-15.15         Break

15.15-16.30         Acceptance

16.30-17.00         Questions


Day 2

10.00-11.00         Defusion

11.00-12.00         Self as context

12.00-13.00         Break

13.00-14.00         Contact with the present moment

14.00-15.00         Values

15.00-15.15         Break

15.15-16.15         Committed Action

16.15-17.00         Questions and how to build from here


Note: During this workshop, for educational purposes (ACT Peer Reviewed Trainer), the presenter will be filmed. Sound of the audience will also be recorded.

Language: English

Trainer: Roy Thewissen, PhD. Roy Thewissen is a psychologist and a behavioral therapist, with a strong background in ACT, RFT & clinical behavioral analyses since 2008. He works part-time in a rehabilitation clinic with complex chronic pain. As a freelancer he provides workshops, lectures and education in ACT, RFT and clinical behavioral analyses. He has developed a Postgraduate Contextual behavioral therapy, together with Allegre and he teaches 5-day ACT Base-courses. He is a supervisor and available for professional development.

Location: Jan Camperstraat 11, Heerlen

Fee: € 200,-

Organisation/contact: ACBS BeNe via 0032468233127 or

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