6-Week Online Training: Using Updated RFT to Guide Process-based Therapy

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Date(s) - 09-09-2020
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Weekly 2-hour Live Training Sessions with Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes and Dr. Ciara McEnteggart


This is an opportunity to explore what the recent focus on process-based therapy adds to the clinician’s toolkit. Fully grappling with the question of what is a process allows clinicians to add precision and depth to their therapeutic work. The definitions of clinically relevant processes have now been clearly identified by new conceptual developments that have updated RFT. Participants will learn to accurately define these processes and learn to identify these processes at work in individual clients or groups. Participants will learn which behaviours reflect specific processes to better understand problematic and obstructive behaviour. This understanding will then offer participants greater precision in modifying behaviour in a healthy direction and facilitating resilience in future behaviour.


The workshop will have a direct impact upon participants’ clinical practice. It will enhance the individual analysis of a client’s psychological struggles and this in turn will provide a sharper focus for clinical intervention. The workshop will also have a direct benefit on the work context by allowing multi-disciplinary teams to share a common focus while operating at a high level of precision.


What the course includes?

2 hours of Live Instruction, Training and Clinical Guidance for 6 Weeks

Bonus – weekly live Q&A session with Yvonne and Ciara

Bonus – Weekly Course Notes


Cost: 450 euro for the course. Special Offer: 20% OFF until 14th August


Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to Process-based Therapy, Behaviour Analysis and Functional Analysis.

Week 2: Introducing the concepts of updated RFT, focusing on relating, orienting and evoking (ROE).

Week 3: Analysing Relating and its key role in the Client’s Story.

Week 4: Analysing the Behavioural Functions of the Client’s Story.

Week 5: Using updated RFT to guide your Clinical Analyses in Process-based Therapy.

Week 6: Conceptualising Cases and Formulating Interventions in Process-based Therapy.


Dates and Times: We have chosen a time slot which aims to suit all time zones. The course will be held between 17:00-19:00 (Ireland GMT+1) on the following dates (Wednesdays):


Week 1: 9th September 2020

Week 2: 16th September 2020

Week 3: 23rd September 2020

Week 4: 30th September 2020

Week 5: 7th October 2020

Week 6: 14th October 2020


For more information, visit https://perspectivesireland.ie/training-events/6-week-online-training/

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