Working experientially with couples from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Therapeutic work with couples is a great challenge. How many times do we receive couples in the office who repeat the same story over and over again? How many times are couples stuck in the same place? Language can enrich our lives and the experience of love and intimacy but it can also create problems. Many times couples get entangled in language, in stories about themselves, about each other and about relationship; in this way they truly fail to notice each other and disconnect from what really matters tot them by losing themselves in a verbal fog. In this workshop, participants will learn to break through the pitfalls of language with experiential exercises based on Acceptance Therapy and Commitment and Mindfulness that can lead couples to connect more deeply with their experience and allow them to learn new and more flexible behavioral repertoires, thus generating greater psychological flexibility. Relationships bring unavoidable pain that is inherent to intimacy. Intimate relationships require people to be present, open, connected, and vulnerable. We will work on how to apply ACT in a simple and effective way in order to achieve these processes and create a context that can promote deep and meaningful relationships. The workshop will be didactic and experiential in order to provide clinicians with tools they can use immediately. 

Data & kostprijs
19 januari 2018


100 euro voor leden VVGT - 150 euro voor niet-leden


afbeelding van Ellen Excelmans